Tool Belt


Martin researched the tools that will be required for this trip. Below are the items that he decided to bring with us as we may need on route and to enable him to service the bikes. o..



Puncture repair kit

We bought this kit from Amazon it had good reviews and was really compact. It wasn't expensive around £12.00    I think.


Battery Charger

This charger is dual purpose really, it can be used to jump start a motorbike or car battery and also used to charge our phones etc.  We were sceptical as to if it would jumpstart the bikes, but we did have to test it out when Martins bike wouldn't start one morning.  It worked straight away.  we were very impressed.  Again from Amazon for around £40.00



A Mini tyre inflator

We had read a few people accounts on what tools they took and the air compressor came up a few times.  So we thought better to be safe than sorry.  Yes you guessed it, its from Amazon for around £25.00


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