What's causing me Sleepless nights.....

Grizzly Bears

Coming from the UK we do not have to deal with Grizzly or Black bears. I would be lying if I said I was not worried about camping in Alaska and Canada. I have read loads of information, I know bear attacks are very rare. Martin on the other hand said its the bears he is worried about. He said that if I am tired, cold and grumpy the bear wouldn't stand a chance! it's lovely having such a supportive husband!


Trying to work out Visa's and struggling to find any clear information. This was causing me loads of stress! I think we have sorted USA & Canada with the VWP visa which gives us 90 days to get to Mexico from Alaska. In Mexico we can get up to 6 months on a visa at the border after that I will deal with it when we get there. So this ones sorted.


These little buggers absolutely love me, I get bit to death. I know I will be keeping all the Alaskan Mosquito population well fed while I am there, I like to think of myself like a fine wine where as Martin is a bottle of cheap plonk as they tend to leave him alone and focus on me! Any tips in dealing with them greatly received.


What do I take? We will be in very cold weather in Alaska and then hot weather. Along with my clothing I also need suitable riding gear. what ever I take has to fit in two panniers! I can do it we did 4 weeks back packing around Indonesia and I only had 12 kilos of luggage. However that was easier as I was only dealing with hot weather.

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