7 Weeks to go

Updated: Mar 16

This week we will be sorting out or International Drivers Permits. we need both types that are available the 1949 and the 1968. We do have one issue to sort out. The 1949 IPD only last one year but we intend to travel for a couple of years. We are not sure how we renew. A bit more research is required on this one.

We Also decided to organise our wills and ensure all our paperwork in is place should the worst happen. This is not something that we particularly want to think about but we know there are risks to what we are doing and we want to make it as easy for our family as possible.

After realising we needed two separate sleeping bags and new pillows its time to test the new kit to see if it is any better. This time we went with Alpine hooded sleeping bags. These are fairly cheap sleeping bags but we also have a Thermarest quilt so we didn't want to buy expensive ones. We have gone with memory foam pillows.

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