Time for the bikes to leave

Today which is Tuesday the 12th of April, our bikes have been collected. We used a company organised by Motofreight called A-B movers and the guy who collected was lovely. I think he appreciated Martin being there to help load the bikes on his van. They will now be driven to Heathrow to be crated to board an Air Canada flight to Vancouver.

As you can see we have loaded our gear on the bikes so it can be shipped with them to save on luggage on our flights. Some people might think we are taking a lot but the two panniers and 50L dry bag on my bike contains our winter riding gear, boots and helmets. Once we are reunited with the bikes again we will be wearing this so the equipment on Martin's bike will be split down between the two bikes. I did think Martin might cry when he had to say goodbye to Liberty but he was very brave. We are now keeping everything crossed that they arrive safely in Vancouver.

Bon voyage Liberty and Dante

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