The journey begins

The day for us to leave finally arrived, the 25th of April. We had quite a trek to get to Alaska, here is a quick run down of our journey.

Flights - Manchester to Charles De Gaulle, Charles De Gaulle to Calgary, Calgary to Vancouver, Then over night in Vancouver. We then flew Vancouver to Seattle and the Seattle to Anchorage in Alaska. The flight into Anchorage was amazing, to see the snow capped mountains and bright blue ocean was fantastic. It was worth the travel just to see this.

To say we were exhausted would be an understatement. We arrived at our hotel The Lakefront hotel and even though we both could of just gone to bed we knew we had to stay up as it was 6.30pm. So we decided to explore downtown Anchorage.

We had read about the view from Resolution bay so we headed there first, the view was amazing, however Anchorage its self or I should say the part we went left a lot to be desired. I had read that Alcoholism is an issue in Alaska and on most corners and parks were groups of homeless drunk and drugged up people, it wasn't a very nice atmosphere. We had originally planned on exploring Anchorage more but funnily enough when we woke up this morning we had both come to the same conclusion to explore somewhere else. neither of us fancied spending the day in Anchorage.

The day started with the most amazing blue sky and was actually warm so we headed to Palmer, I had heard about an abandoned gold mine called the Independence mine state historic park and there was also the Mantanuska glacier. I have to say the scenery and views were breath taking, every turn brought another amazing vista. We went to the mine first. The last mile of road to the mine was completely covered in snow. when I say covered it must of been about 5ft above the road! We did climb up and hike to the mine however everything was closed, the doors into the buildings were blocked by the snow. It was still worth the mile hike, blue skies, amazing mountains and white snow all around. best of all because it was early in the season there was hardly anyone else there.

The glacier (in the middle of this photo) was an hours drive away from the mine and once again what an amazing trip, the roads were so quiet we saw about 10 cars on the whole journey. Amazingly I spotted a bald eagle flying above us and a moose but by the time I got my camera out I missed them. We could spot the Glacier from the road to actually get on it cost $60.00 per person so we decided against it, we had just climbed a mile on compacted snow. On the way back to Anchorage we spotted a moose just at the side of the road. Unfortunately the only bears we have seen so far are stuffed in the reception area of our hotel. They have a grizzly bear that must be 8ft tall and a polar bear. I will get a photo for the next blog.

Tomorrow we are heading to Seward ready for our Whale watching trip. I am very excited for this but also very anxious as I get really sea sick. Look out for the next blog where I will update you on just how bad I was. There are more pictures from the last couple of days on our Facebook and Instagram sites ourmotorbiketravels.

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