8 Weeks to go - The countdown and jobs to be done

Updated: Mar 16

8 weeks to go

We are definitely on the countdown now. This week we arranged to have our travel injections. So we had Yellow fever, Typhoid and I had to hepatitis too. We had some 8 years ago when we went to Bali so these were top ups. Boy Yellow fever was a tough one, we both felt ill with it.

We have also started to sell items from our house that we no longer need. How frustrating is selling items on Facebook! the amount of people who ask if its still for sale I reply yes and then they never contact you again! If you are guilty of this stop it!

We also tested out our camping equipment. It was a cold night dropped to 1 degree, what did we realise? A double sleeping bag is not for two people! Blow up pillows are useless. Other than that it went well and we are happy with the rest of our gear.

A bit more shopping for me I think.

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