Lewistown, Montana to Yellowstone Park

After leaving Tom and Carol we headed to Bozeman. We had agreed to do some pet sitting via a website called Trusted Sitters. However boy had the weather changed. Tom warned us that there were high winds and snow due and he wasn't lying either. The winds across the plains were ferocious, pushing us into the other carriage way, 60 - 80mph winds. We had to fight to keep the bikes straight and upright. Leaning into the wind, which was great until there was a block on the wind and we had to quickly straighten up. Then it would come at you from both directions. Erika wont lie being a new rider she found it daunting but said she preferred the wind to the dirt roads.

When we were approaching Bozeman the snow started, just great! We stopped to warm up and grab a hot drink and to try and find where it was we had to go. After a couple of calls we managed to find the house. What a lovely house it was too, in a lovely new housing estate. The house was like a show home, it had everything you could possibly need and the owners were a young couple called Kari and Daniel, who were both very welcoming and even took us out for a lovely Mexican meal. Which was great as we are keeping an eye on our budget so we haven't eaten out a lot so it was much appreciated.

We had originally planned to look after 2 dogs and a cat however it turned out that we just had to look after their cat Maddie. She was a lovely cat but very timid, so it took her a little while to warm up to us. We won her over in the end.

It was lovely to have such an amazing house to stay in, it gave us a chance to catch up with family and friends via facetime, update our social media, sort our washing, do some shopping and generally rest. However, we were both feeling ready to get on the move again and restart our adventure.

The next stop for us was to be Yellowstone National park. I have to say we were really looking forward to seeing it, it was on our bucket list.

So today's ride was to take us into Yellowstone national park and after a slight delay ( back wheel puncture on my bike ) we headed out on our way. We made pretty good time and had a fantastic time in what can only be described as one of the most amazing places we have had the chance to visit and because there was so much to see Erika decided to do a a go pro footage just on our time in the park. We were really lucky to see and take in not only the natural beauty of the park but we also encountered Bison, Elk and best of all a grizzly brown bear mum along with her young cub who were happily looking for food on a hillside just up from the road that we were riding on, it was amazing to see.

As you can imagine we lost track of time whilst trying to take everything in and then realized that we had a long ride ahead to get us to our camp ground over near a place called Cody which was 138 miles away so we decided that we needed to cover some ground before we lost daylight but this was easier said than done do to the mountain roads which we pretty cold at this time in the evening however we managed the ride and got there just as the sun was setting and even after taking a few minutes to watch a group of mountain goats on our route. As always once we hit the campground we worked as a team and Erika worked on a hot meal whilst I set up the tent and sleeping gear by torch light and as soon as we had eaten we headed to our beds to get some much needed sleep.

Early the following morning we awoke to a clear blue sky and a beautiful lakes side view and decided over breakfast that as we had had such a long day the day before that we would take things easy today and stay local by visiting nearby Cody and taking in the Buffalo Bill museum which is home to one of the largest collections of historic firearms in America. There is also a section of the museum dedicated to the history of the wild west and the native Americans and American wildlife history all of which was very interesting. We left to find some lunch at a nearby place and then went back to spend the rest of the day absorbing the displays within the Buffalo Bill Museum before heading back to camp for our second nights camp where we watched the most amazing sunset over the lake...Bliss..

After an entertaining night which included us both having to clear out the tent to evict a visiting mouse we awoke early, made breakfast and set off for our second day in Yellowstone and our mission to find old faithful. Yellowstone world famous geyser..

We rode for around a hour and a half and parked to bikes , had a bite to eat and then took a spot to wait for the geyser to do its thing ( which we waited about 90 minutes for ) it was quite impressive and was another thing ticked off our list. But there was so many people it was like being in Disneyland.

We then hit the road again to get an earlier ride over to our home for the night on a ranch where we slept in a traditional style Indian Tepee ( very cool ). The ranch was a great setting with its chuck wagons and Tepee tents as visitors accommodation and before we unloaded the bikes to get set for the night we decided to relax , take in the view and have a much needed beer and chat with some of the people around us. One of which was a lady from the UK who lived over here along with her American husband and their son and actually invited us to stay at there place once we get down to Tucson, Arizona which we both really appreciated and will be taking up the offer in the coming days.

We both slept surprisingly well in our Tepee and were up around seven and enjoying some breakfast whilst we let the early morning rain pass over before setting out on the road again heading towards Salt Lake City where we had a night stop over in Ogden to break up the trip. Our days ride covered 266 tough miles before we reached our shithole hotel which was around the same cost as a camp site and once we got here we could soon see why.. It was only for one night but we took all our possessions off the bikes , parked them directly outside our window and secured them with everything we had and then laughed to ourselves as we noticed the sign on the door to our room that advised us to dead bolt our bedroom door for our own safety... welcome to Ogden ! Love it !!

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