4 Weeks to go!

A month to the day exactly until we leave. Its becoming very real now. This weeks jobs are to sort out our Travel insurance. We have decided to use Big Cat Travel with the additional activity pack so we are covered for riding our bikes.

We finally sorted our IDP's this had been on the list for the last 3 weeks but its done now. We have had to get two types the 1949 and the 1968 ones due to the countries we are visiting.

Another area we have been looking at this week are the items we are taking with us, where they will fit. What we will ship with the bike, what will come on the plane with us. As we have emptied a bedroom in the house we are able to lay everything out. We have worked out we can fit our riding boots, Gore tex Jackets and trousers in my panniers, which is good. The Frogman Dirtsack panniers are very spacious and even fit Martin's size 11 boots in them. In my opinion though they could of picked a nicer name.

I have also booked an appointment to sell my car next Monday. Fortunately Martin has a company car so we will have this until we leave the country. Our motorbikes are being collected on the 11th or 12th of April so I will be relying on Martin for lifts after this.

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