3 weeks to go

Its getting closer and the jobs that need sorting are starting to grow. This week we have sorted the insurance for both bikes in the USA and Canada. After a lot of looking we settled on Progressive Insurance. We got a good price for comprehensive cover. We had to take the policy over a year but we can cancel it when we get to Mexico.

We also now have a GoPro, our very good friends Aidan and Claire Gallagher bought it us as a surprise. Martin had mentioned to Aidan that we were considering getting one and they kindly got it for us. Now we

are learning how to use it. So look out for video footage.

I have spent time printing off and photocopying all the documents that we will require for the trip, our bikes log books and receipts for proof of sale, our NHS Covid vaccination passes, copies of our passports and driving licenses. I have also scanned all these documents onto google documents as a back up.

At the backend of last week we also had to contact the Environment Protection Agency in the US for permission to import our bikes, it takes 14-21 days to hear back from them with permission. This is cutting it a bit fine but it wasn't something that we were aware we had to do until recently. So were keeping everything crossed that this is ok.

Finally it was time to sell my car, I bought the car almost a year ago from Arnold Clarke. I sold it back to Arnold Clarke for almost £700 more than I paid for it which was a great result.

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