2 weeks to go

We had a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the back end of last week. We were informed that the price for shipping our motorbikes to Alaska had shot up to over twice the original quote. Gutted to say the least. This was almost £5000 more. So we had to make a decision. Do we stick to the original plan and spend the additional money? We were both really looking forward to starting in Alaska but we cannot justify paying out almost £5000 more. Do we change the destination for the bikes from Anchorage to Vancouver or Calgary and then do the 4200ish miles round trip to and from Anchorage to still go to Alaska? To travel to Alaska from Canada and then back again on the same road didn't really appeal. Do we cut our losses and start our trip in Canada? We both want to see Alaska so this soon got ruled out. The final option was to keep our flight, accommodation and trips as arranged and we fly to Alaska, hire a car for a few days and then get a flight back to Vancouver to collect the bikes. This is what we have decided to do. This will give us more time to explore Western Canada a lot more than we originally planned to and then make our way down to USA and then Mexico. We are disappointed that we can't do Alaska on our Motorbikes but we cant dwell on it, we will come up against a lot of obstacles on this trip and we have to adapt. Might as well start right from the beginning!

Last Saturday we arranged to meet up with Ian and Chris Harper who I had met via Instagram. I had asked a question regarding visa's on the trip and was directed towards Ian for the answer. Ian and Chris completed the trip in 2018 so had lots of advice and words of wisdom. Ian asked if we would like to meet up before we leave. We jumped at the opportunity. They were such a lovely couple who we know we will be keeping in touch with.

Finally this week was time to contact all the utilities companies to inform them of our leave date and give them the name of our tenant. I also finalised the change of our mortgage to a consent to let.

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