1 week to go

Its the final countdown, one week left before we leave. Where has the time gone? We both finish work on Friday. Its a scary decision to make to hand your notice in on a good jobs. In my case I have worked for the same company for 10 years. But we are both ready to do something different. What will you do when you get back? is a question we both get asked a lot and in all honesty we don't know. We have always believed that life is for living and as my Dear Gran would often say "Don't worry things always have a way of working themselves out" and inevitably they do.

Following on from my previous post, We have definitely decided to ship the bikes to Vancouver to save almost £5000 in extra cost due to a price increase. I have had to arrange car hire in Alaska, a return flight from Alaska to Vancouver, and another hotel in Vancouver for when we return. We both felt that we couldn't miss out Alaska.

We have almost sorted the house for renting, all the jobs have been carried out, every cupboard and wardrobe has been emptied, lots of trips to the charity shops and the local tip. Why do we keep so much stuff? I have to say that It has been quite therapeutic going through everything and having a good sort out but boy am I glad its done.

Finally this week will involve a lot of eating out and saying farewell to friends and family. Our last meal in the UK will be on Sunday night. When we were asked where we wanted to go straight away I said a carvery. I don't know how long it will be until I get a roast dinner again. Previously when we have travelled a good roast and Greggs Cheese and onion pasties are the things I crave most.

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